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Research & Volunteer Program

ZebraWe invite you to embark on an African adventure while contributing to the conservation and protection of all fauna and flora. Help us establish future sustainability and learn about wildlife in all its biodiversity, while experiencing Kololo.

Our aim is to:

  • restore the land and help it recover from the farming impact of the late fifties;
  • remove all invasive plant species;
  • rehabilitate any wild animal that is sick or orphaned, back into the wild;
  • monitor the wellbeing of all the animals on the property;
  • establish a sustainable and balanced number of animal species needed on the property;
  • assist the local communities by teaching and learning about Africa and sustainability.

In a whole, the aim is to help our Rangers and Field Guides in creating a balance within conservation on the 1500ha of Kololo, while educating yourself about conservation and wildlife.

Our main goals are to:

  • manage and observe vegetation through vegetation and habitat surveys;
  • evaluate the different bird species and their presence within a given area via bird point counts;
  • determine the different number of animal (mammalian) species within a certain GPS location;
  •  improve the nutrients in our animals’ diets when needed via special feed products;
  • provide you with better knowledge and understanding of the natural environment and all its different biotic and abiotic interactions between species;
  • evaluate the data collected for future use in universities and other training programs.

Our accommodation

The volunteers live with our student guides. Accommodation is simple and shared. We have transformed our conference room into a research centre with shared bed- and bathrooms. There is a kitchen, 2 dorm bedrooms, a lounging area, eating area, studying and lecture area, ablution and a braai area outside. Participants are expected to cook together (ingredients will be provided by Kololo).

Interested to learn more? Send an e-mail to info@kololo.co.za