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Did you know Giraffe eat bones?

Giraffes, possibly the worlds strangest yet most unique animals. These beautiful gracious animals are quite alone on this planet, being the only animal with such a big neck. Adaptation relating to its neck, the Okapi is its closest relative and the okapi is next to extinct.

Bone- eating

GiraffeThe display that we are seeing here is called “osteophagia” (Bone-eating) and commonly seen in the younger of the species as they need a constant supply of calcium due to the “growing bones”. You can only imagine how tough it must be for a browsing species to receive the necessary calcium to grow into a 6 meter tall animal.pply of calcium due to the “growing bones”.

Chewing soil and dung

There are many antelope species that perform osteophagia, as well as a few that perform “geophagia” and “coprophagia” which is the chewing of soil (geophagia) and the eating of dung (coprophagia)



Jacques Coetzee