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Cheetah Cubs

As playful as any cat can be, these newborn cheetah cubs have been causing a lot of gasps and turning a lot of heads. When it comes to the cat families the cheetah goes through possibly the biggest physical change from birth to adulthood.

Baby Cubs Appearance

From birth the baby cheetahs are extremely “fluffy” and this is said to blend in with the surrounding grassy environment just to conceal them that little bit better.

As displayed in the photo you can see the cubs are a lot whiter than the usual adult.The top “white stripe” is to mimic the look of a honey badger. If anything can be said about a honey badger it would be that it is the most fearless of mammals in the African bush. This mimicry is put in place for the protection of the cubs as very few animals would even think about confronting a honey badger due to his immense attitude and short temper.

Playing is important for cubs as this helps hone in on their hunting skills.


Nathan Newman