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Pearls of Limpopo

Pearls of limpopo
Pearls of limpopo
Pearls of limpopo

Special lodges in Limpopo

Kololo is part of the Pearls of Limpopo: a collection of special lodges in Limpopo. In the most beautiful and adventurous province of South Africa you can combine Big Five, wildlife, nature, culture and World Heritage. One of the lodges is located just across the border in Botswana. Each lodge is unique, has a special location and offers a wide variety of activities.

The lodges are all 4 stars which means high quality in terms of hospitality, comfort and service.

Natural beauty: culture and wildlife

Kololo is situated in Limpopo, the northernmost province in South Africa. Limpopo is one of the most beautiful areas. It is the real Africa: a region of contrasts, from the true bushveld country to majestic mountains, primeval indigenous forests, unspoilt wilderness and mystic cultural destinations. Limpopo is rich in natural beauty, culture and wildlife, including the Big Five. And across the mighty Limpopo river, in Botswana, lies another, equally impressive natural wonder, called Tuli. In these areas the Pearls of Limpopo are situated. A variety of independent, beautiful lodges that each offer something unique: location, activities and/or the lodge itself. A self-drive tour along these lodges lets you indulge in the beauty of culture, nature, wildlife, Big Five and World Heritage. Each lodge offers a new adventure. Please have a look at and combine Kololo with other great places in Limpopo.

Experiences of visitors:


“It was an unforgettable journey and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously at every lodge. Reception was very friendely everywhere, the locations fantastic and we were very well taken care off”. MadiaThavha: Aart did a great tour through Venda land, tailored to our needs. He told us a lot about South Africa and we stayed in the house opposite the exhibition area. A nice surprise. Kololo: we stayed in King Fisher with game in our yard. What an experience. Every now and again the Elephant in Welgevonden were at the other side of the fence. Cherry on the cake was Leshiba: a paradise. We were given the luxurous accommodation and I have really enjoyed the bath. Nancy’s foot massage was great. All in all an enjoyable holiday, we will definitely recommend it to others!”

- Big 5, wildlife, nature, culture and World Heritage